About Us

ZAZA COUTURE is the Latvian fashion brand, which has more than 15 years of history and development! ZAZA was founded in 2002. The core values ​​of ZAZA are cheerfulness, colours and quality. It is our passion to bring a complete satisfaction to each of our customers.

From a little unknown brand, over the years, ZAZA has achieved and consolidated its position not only in Latvia, but also beyond its borders and deserved its name alongside worlds best known brands. As a great achievement, the brand considers annual collection orders from 100 stores in USA and several dozen stores in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Ireland. ZAZA COUTURE is proud to bring the name of Latvia to the world with a style and quality mark. The experience gained during these years allows us to successfully continue our work.

ZAZA COUTURE products are manufactured by a professional team. Every employee is essential and important part and gives a piece of the soul to the product. Each season begins with inventing of sketches and flight of artist's imagination, the purchase of fabrics in the largest manufactures in Europe. The quality of fabrics is being scrutinized to ensure only the finest materials are selected and used for further production. High-quality viscose and cotton fabrics are used for the production of children's clothing, which are comfortable for small wearers, but are also easy to care for the parents of our small clients. The path from the fabric to the finished product is a long process but every step is being complete by gifted professionals, full of responsibility and enthusiasm. We give it to anyone who loves Zaza!